The Decentralized Creator Economy

Empowering creatives to generate wealth, establish their brands, and build powerful communities using cryptocurrency. 

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Become A SoCool Creator

 SoCool combines financial and social interactions with innovative DeFi and NFT services to build a truly unique and vibrant   CREATE TO EARN ECOSYSTEM 

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    Mint your Content -NFT

    Upload your work (image, video, audio, or 3D art), add a title and description, and customize your NFTs with properties, stats, and unlockable content. 

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    Leaverage your work

    Each onboarded creator will have their own staking pool that produces SCC token to those staking, the creator, and the creator’s Genesis-NFT owner. The more active the creator is, the higher the APY, the more users will stake their tokens, the more reward! Socialize and earn. 

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    Unlock Your Potential

    Experience the freedom of customizing the way you earn through donations, exclusive merch, and access to events and content.  

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    Build your Own Digital Economy

    Our Create To Earn model and ecosystem is ready to take your role as a creator to the next level . We are happy when you are getting better results. 

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Decentralized Economy for Creatives

Crypto is the vehicle that gives creators the financial freedom to produce incredible work – it’s time you joined us.

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