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updated on 15 December 2021

Event details

SoCool is building a Defi community-based platform for Creators and crypto enthusiasts. From the launch, SoCool team will be receiving inquiries from creators looking to Connect their crypto knowledge gap and how they will be looking to build on that by creating a content foundation for this community to thrive. The SoCool Creator Programme does just that.

By working with contributors from all over the world, SoCool opens up pathways for self-expression and, ultimately, high-quality and engaging content that educates people about crypto and shows them what is possible.

SoCool team welcomes all kinds of contributors with interesting ideas for articles, videos, illustrations, animations, podcasts — any format people can learn from.

How can you be a part of it?

To be a part of this, simply begin by filling this form. Show why you’re the best and the team will get back to you if there’s a good match.


About SoCool

SoCool makes crypto easy for anyone to understand Defi and crypto . Learn at your own pace, no matter your experience level. Everyone is invited here. Not just Elon Musk, the techies on Reddit, or the 'HODLers'... everyone. Think of SoCool as the most fun, easily digestible crypto hub platform you can find.

From the basics to breakdowns, and everything in between. You can count on SoCool to bring fresh perspectives that help you make sense of the crypto-verse.

  • Newsletter: a crypto newsletter you’ll actually want to read. SoCool goes beyond headlines, exploring stories with background context and educational guides to make you crypto smarter. Sent twice weekly.
  • Blog: SoCool will dive deeper into the narratives that are shaping crypto and the wider digital economy. News, explainers, tips - what more could you ask for?
  • Community: Join SoCool exclusive community! You'll widen your knowledge and earn rewards while learning about crypto with like-minded people.
  • Podcasts: SoCool will speak to the smartest people in crypto. They'll answer your burning questions and share insights that help you make sense of current and future trends.

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