About SoCooL

SoCool is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on a mission to help build the creator economy of the future and onboard 50M+ creators to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

SoCool combines financial and social interactions with high quality DeFi and NFT services to build a truly unique and vibrant CREATE TO EARN ECOSYSTEM. 

SoCool is improving the underlying technology of the web to unlock new tools for creators, providing them and their communities with a variety of easy-to-use DeFi features: 

The future of the creator economy is decentralized, and SoCool is here to make this future a reality. 


We believe Web3 is ushering in a new era of the internet and Creators economy. An era in which the users of a platform can be the owners of the platform, helping bring it to life and benefiting from its upside value creation.

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    Samer Sidani
    Co-founder & CEO

    A dynamic, accomplished Business Executive with more than 20 years of experience. BSc Computer Science.

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    Kevin Duong
    Co-founder & CTO

    Software Engineer by day, Open Source contributor by night. Developer Circle Lead at Meta (Facebook). BSc Hons Computer Science (HCI).

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    Bryan Orosco
    Co-founder & CMO

    A marketing strategist, leading NFT campaigns for Artists, Influencers, and Communities. Blockchain and NFT astronaut.

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    Designer and coder. Founder of OurFires design studio. Co-founder of Dinamo Coworking Space. 

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    A global business leader and passionate innovator known for shaping and orchestrating large scale multi-billion Dollar technology businesses and transactions with global enterprise organizations. 

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    Suri Hoang

    10 years of experience in marketing, technology, and gaming. CMO of FPT AdTrue and CEO of AdOne.