DeFi Platform Built For Creators

Onboarding 50M+ creators to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain. One Platform, All Creator's DeFi.


Everything Creators Economy need to traverse the Blockchain & NFTs

  • Issue Creators Token

    Enable every creator to build a successful token-economic model. 

  • Token Swaps

    Built-in DEX to safely swap tokens at the best prices, instantly.

  • NFTs Marketplace

    We’ve taken special care to make sure your NFTs launch successful.

  • Ledger Support

    For additional security you can connect your hardware wallet.

  • Metaverse Support

    Explore the Metaverse empower by Blockchain and NFTs.

  • Yield Farming

    Earn rewards by staking directly inside your wallet.

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We believe Blockchain and NFTs is ushering in a new era of the internet and Creators economy. An era in which the users of a platform can be the owners of the platform, helping bring it to life and benefiting from its upside value creation.

Samer Sidani

Co-Founder & CEO at SoCool
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Chris Dixon

"The thousand true fans thesis builds on the original ideals of the internet: users and creators globally connected, unconstrained by intermediaries, sharing ideas and economic upside. Incumbent social media platforms sidetracked this vision by locking creators into a bundle of distribution and monetization. There are, correspondingly, two ways to challenge them: take the users, or take the money. Crypto and NFTs give us a new way to take the money. Let’s make it happen."

General partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Are you ready for the future of the Creator Economy?

SoCool Launchpad

  • For Creators

    We help and advise Creators issue and launch their token. We provide a full service offering starting from advisory services from before the token is even issued, to post-listing and marketing support. 

  • For Fans and early investors

    Support Creator's project you love and earn their tokens. Win-win model thanks to Blockchain.

  • Launchpad

Creators Tokenomic on Metaverse

SoCool commits to supporting Creators connects with audiences directly, provides value and utility to their fans. Whether on any Metaverse platform. Thanks to Blockchain.

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Crypto on the Go

Crypto financial is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Available on iOS & Android.

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